Establishment origin

  • Establishment origin

    To implement the concept of corporate responsibility in social returns, the founder of GRECO Industrial Co., Ltd., Teng-Mao Liao, and his wife, Chieh-Chih Liao-Lin donated together to establish the Chih Mao Welfare and Charity Foundation in 2008.

  • donated together
    to establish the Chih Mao Welfare
    and Charity Foundation
    in 2008.

    In addition to donations that aid disadvantaged groups and emergency rescue services, the foundation also makes use of the company’s human resources to help with volunteer work, as well as hosting charity events with various non-profit organizations. This helps to provide opportunities for corporate employees to participate in volunteer services.

幸运时时彩appVolunteered at Gan-Lin Social Welfare Foundation’s bicycle meal delivery event

World Peace Organization’s National Charity Carnival

Helped package moon cakes at the Old Five Old Foundation


Maria Social Welfare Foundation’s “Love hugging, Volunteer for Elders”


幸运时时彩appThe purpose of this foundation is to improve the living quality of disadvantaged groups and other welfare services

  • hosting various types of social welfare events (including children, elders, women, teenagers, disabled welfares, etc.)
  • charity business (including emergency rescue, scholarship award, disaster remedies, assistance to disadvantaged groups, etc.)
  • donations for medical research, charitable organizations in relevant charity and welfare projects, as well as other matters related to social welfare and charity business.

Human resource organization

幸运时时彩appChief Executive Officer accountant, cashier, and charity volunteers.

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