CSR-Employee Commitment

Partnership “Responsibility sharing, Risk sharing, Profit sharing”


Employees are the most important assets of the company. In order to ensure that employees have a safe and comfortable working environment, we are devoted to creating a joyful, healthy, and positive working environment. For our corporate culture, we have created and implemented the concept of “partnership” with “responsibility sharing, risk sharing, and profit sharing”. This will ensure that all employees can develop their skills and characteristics properly at the right positions.

  • Educational training

  • 幸运时时彩appphysical examination

  • year-end party

  • Dashu Lantern Festival

幸运时时彩appUnder the “GRECO Group Human Resource Policy”, employees will not only enjoy the human rights, labor rights and freedoms as advocated by the International Labor Organization, but also experience care-free life security. Therefore, outstanding talents can be attracted and retained by the company, while allowing all of employees to take pride in their work at GRECO, as well as feeling proud that they work at GRECO.

  • Educational training

  • 幸运时时彩app60th anniversary celebration

  • charity fair-family day event.

Sharing operation outcomes with employees. Fulfilling Corporate social responsibility.

幸运时时彩appGRECO generously takes a certain portion of the company’s profits before tax, and distributes it as bonuses to employees. This is to encourage and share the outcome of the operations with the employees, thereby strengthening the loyalty of all of the employees and making GRECO a successful corporation that all employees are proud to work for.

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