Chih Mao Welfare and Charity Foundation-Donation

Donation timeDonation unitDonation Amount
Donation time2019.01.04 Donation unitMr. TSAI Donation Amount NT.$100,000
Donation time2018.12.27 Donation unitGreat Eastern Resins Donation Amount NT.$3,000,000
Donation time2017.10.24 Donation unitMr. Lin Donation Amount NT.$100
Donation time2017.10.11 Donation unitMrs. SHI LIAO Donation Amount NT.$300,000
Donation time2017.10.06 Donation unitMrs. LIAO LIN Donation Amount NT.$3,000,000
Donation time2016.05.24 Donation unitWe thank Mrs. Liao-Lin for her generosity in donating the NT$ 3,000,000 dollars to the Association such that we are able to have sufficient funds to continue the charity operations and to assist the disadvantaged groups to improve their living quality and welfare. Donation Amount NT.$3,000,000
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