Career-Welfare / Benefits Introduction


  • Competitive salary and package:salary increment、3 bonuses (profit sharing & Perfromance Evaluation Bonus)、outcome bonus、RD contribution bonus and other incentive.
  • Insurance:labor insurance, Public health insurance, Company insurance program (regular insurance, accident insurance, hospital insurance, cancer insurance).
  • Well-constructed training program:
    1. orientation training, professional promotion course, language training etc.
    2. Safety training program: process Safety Management, fire drill and emergency response.
    3. Staff consensus activity
  • Welfare and various subsidies:
    1. employee emergency loan/ wedding and funeral support/ hospitalization condolences/ scholarship for employee and child/3 bonuses and birthday vouchers.
    2. community and club activities subsidies. Employee travel. Unlimited corporate volunteer leave. Company's year end dinner and prizes.
    3. Custom unifroms/ dinner party and book purchasing welfare/ books and periodicals to borrow/ Professional nursing room and designated nursery school.
  • Other benefits:
    1. basketball court and fitness facilities
    2. Annual free health check
    3. Medical doctor's counseling service
    4. safety working environment
    5. fully equipped R&D environment.
  • GRECO’ family day charity fair invitation

    幸运时时彩appGRECO’ family day charity fair invitation

  • year-end party role play

    幸运时时彩appyear-end party role play

  • 60th anniversary activities, exercise activities

    幸运时时彩app60th anniversary activities, exercise activities

  • morning gathering for recognition and award presentations

    幸运时时彩appmorning gathering for recognition and award presentations

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